Barn Owls Nursery - You've Found Us Welcome to our lovely nursery, we are so fortunate to be situated in such beautiful surroundings that overlook the ever changing countryside.

Barn Owls Nursery
I came to Barn Owls in 2007 and wanted the setting to reflect a child’s need to be free to play and explore in a safe and stimulating environment. I always say to new parents how the environment reflects my dream of a setting where I would be happy to have sent my own children and have remnants of an old fashioned childhood, allowing the children to play happily outside without restraints.

In our outside classroom we have an abundance of loose parts, such as tyres, cable reels, pots and pans, planks, crates and support the children to use them as they choose, allowing them to explore and challenge themselves, in a safe way.

Barn Owls Nursery
Barn Owls Nursery

Our infamous mud pit is quite simply one of our best well loved resources, it changes during the seasons; we could have thick oozy mud, it could be filled with water, it may be dry and we can use it as a vast sand pit, we can dig and we can sit happily just watching the world go by.

It is very important to us for our babies to experience everything and they grow up alongside our big children. We keep siblings together and this is so heartwarming to see them taking care of each other. Babies often have naps outside, even in the cold winter months - who doesn’t love a snuggle?

Barn Owls Nursery
Barn Owls Nursery

Our relationship with you the parents is important to us and we are proud of how close we are to you, keeping you updated using our online learning journals, emailing and chatting about your child. Each child has a key family group, having a close attachment to an adult in the setting enables the children to be confident to play as they have a secure base to explore from. The children are loved and cherished, we treat everyone as our big Barn Owls family.

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Barn Owls Nursery - What or parents say

“What I hadn’t realised was that my daughter would gain a family bigger than just the three of us.  A family who would cherish her, love her and help her reach her full potential over the next four years. None of us are perfect parents and sharing the job with such a talented, caring and supportive team was the best decision we ever made!” Divider Image “Non stop fun and creative adventures fill a day at Barn Owls, I love receiving the feedback and pictures of Poppy looking so happy!”

Barn Owls Nursery
Barn Owls Nursery

“It is difficult to put in to words how much Barn Owls has meant to us as a family over the last 3 or 4 years. They say that it takes a village to raise a child and you, and all the staff at Barn Owls have been our village. The boys have loved their time at the nursery and have made some fabulous friends and although they are ready to move on to school, they will miss you all massively. We will all as a family miss you.” Divider Image "The difference at Barn Owls is the experience and quality of the staff. They really helped our son develop and have fun."

“Barn Owls is a rare gem of a nursery where they place a huge importance on outdoor play, adventure and imagination. The children have a beautiful garden to play in, full of endless play possibilities and every single member of the team is supportive and kind. I love that the kids come home with mud under their fingernails and creations made out of leaves and flowers!  It’s a real family at Barn Owls, you drive away knowing your children are going to have a lovely day and be really cared for.” Divider Image “Barn Owls has been a home from home for our little boys, it is happy and warm and gives such confidence to little people and to parents. What a wonderful team of kind generous people. X “

Barn Owls Nursery